© Molly L. Stranahan, Psy.D. 2017


By Molly L. Stranahan

Adapted from an article originally published at Soulful Living

Even though I have a doctorate in psychology, I’ve learned more of life’s lessons

through personal experience than through my formal education.

Many of my lessons have come from hearing (or reading) the transformational moments of others — their life lessons — which they were generous enough to share. So I’m sharing my life lessons about how to be happier here. Many of them may be familiar, but if you are like me, there will be some you need a reminder to practice more often. Some may be new to you and there may be some with which you disagree. Please feel free to email me to delve deeper. This list of practices reminds me that I am responsible my own happiness and I have many tools I can use to experience more inner peace and joy as long as I remember to implement them. Advance by clicking on the circles below the slide or on the right side of each slide  
Choose to be happier!    You have found the place        to learn what YOU can do             to have a happier,                  more fulfilling life!
I hope you are inspired to regularly practice one or more of the steps I find leads to greater enjoyment of life.  I want you to be able to say, “I love my life!” © Copyright 2014 Molly L. Stranahan. All Rights Reserved.
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