The Path to Growing Happier


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The Path to Growing Happier booklet (PDF)

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Practicing New Brain Messages (PDF) Focusing on Three Good Things (PDF) Making It a Good Day (PDF) Trying an Attitude of Gratitude (PDF) Identifying My Stress Relievers (PDF) Living My Values (PDF) Embracing Who I Am (PDF)

Books on the Mind – Body Connection

Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, 1987, Hay House, Inc. Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Jim Nicolai, Integrative Wellness Rules: A Simple Guide to Healthy Living, 2014, Hay House, Inc. Santa Monica, CA. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., My Stroke of Insight, 2008.  Viking, New York.

Wise Books for the Kid in Each of Us

Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, 1990, Random House, New York. Nancy Carlson, I Like Me!, 1988, Viking, New York. Bradley Trevor Grieve, Tomorrow: Adventures in an Uncertain World, 2003, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, MO. Bradley Trevor Grieve, The Blue Day Book: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up, 2000, Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, MO.

Caring for your Body Websites and YouTube Videos

Breath walking  - with Dr. Jim Nicolai of Miraval How to Nap - from the Boston Globe How to meditate in a moment - a YouTube video based on Martin Boroson's book, One-Moment Meditation Nature videos on YouTube - browse for something that inspires you Befriending Life - Tesa Silvestre’s website on the internal requirements that support making a difference in the outside world Free Hugs - Juan Mann’s Free Hugs Campaign website and videos Caring for your Mind Websites and YouTube Videos Nature. Beauty. Gratitude - Louie Schwartzberg’s video on gratitude Caring for your Soul Websites and YouTube Videos The Daymaker Movement - It only takes a moment to make someone's day - to become a Daymaker Opening the Heart - Robert Gass’ meditation How to Buy Happiness - Michael Norton’s Ted Talk on happiness Kindspring - Be inspired by small acts that change the world KarmaTube - Where you can watch, be inspired and act
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