What does money mean to you?  Do you feel anxiety about earning it, keeping it, investing it or giving it?  How does it affect your relationships?  What is enough Money has been over-empowered in our society.  We have been made to believe that money is necessary to have what we want in life, and it is often used to measure success and self-worth.  We are surrounded by the pervasive message that having more will make us happier, and we feel like there is something wrong with us when having more than others doesn’t fulfill us. Perhaps you are anxious about not having enough, or recognize that concerns about money are driving you to distress.  See the Path to Peace About Money booklet (PDF) and Becoming Mindful About Money (PDF) to explore the impact of our beliefs about money to discover which ones you want to let go of and uncover attitudes and actions that will allow you greater freedom and contentment.

Healthy Attitudes About Money

When I focus on what I have, I experience abundance. When I focus on what I want I experience scarcity. Money is just one of the tools available to help me have a happy life. If I am creative, I can do what I want with what I have. I can adjust to whatever changes come. How I use my money is an expression of my values and the kind of society I want to help co-create.

Healthy Actions About Money

Be mindful. Get information about spending, income, assets & debts Make a budget to learn & guide Review and revise Pay off credit cards each month. Spend less, save more to experience more security, freedom and serenity. When you find yourself wanting something, ask “What is the experience I am longing for?” Be generous. Talk about your values, goals and choices.
Choose to be happier!    You have found the place        to learn what YOU can do             to have a happier,                  more fulfilling life!
The better the ways you spend, earn, invest and give your money aligns with your values, the happier you will be. YOUR HAPPINESS YOUR VALUES YOUR USE OF MONEY
© Molly L. Stranahan, Psy.D. 2017
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