Happiness is a result of the choices we make about how to live our lives

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Choose to be happier!    You have found the place        to learn what YOU can do             to have a happier,                  more fulfilling life!


What you look for affects what you see. Look for the best, the beautiful, the hopeful and you will find it and be happier. I recommend choosing the beliefs that are more likely to lead to being satisfied with your life. I literally ask myself, "Which belief will make me happier?" And then, "What are the possible consequences of believing it?" As long as I can live with the potential consequences, I choose happiness! Some people get caught up worrying that they might be choosing a belief that isn't true which implies that there are true things about what makes a person worthy,  loveable or good. It turns out they are all jut thoughts we choose to believe - or not!

You are responsible for your own happiness!

People who are happy are more enjoyable to be around, they tend to be more generous and productive, and they have better lives. Sounds like good  reasons to choose beliefs that lead to greater happiness!
© Molly L. Stranahan, Psy.D. 2017
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